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Experience: automobile stamping mould maintenance and repair

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Automotive stamping die production requirements are very high, but because of its working environment is bad, in use process, often arise working parts and fit parts, position of sliding wear, and even damage phenomenon. At the same time, due to the complexity of automobile stamping die design and manufacture process, high precision, high cost, cycle is long, so in the process of using, its problems should be timely maintenance, to ensure accuracy and improve the life. Automotive stamping mould maintenance and repair is very complex, often but fault and maintenance method the author has carried on the reorganization, basically has the following 7 kinds of situation: ( 1) Automotive stamping flanging deformation of plastic parts. In flanging process often parts and plastic deformation phenomenon, especially in the surface of the deformation, the impact on the quality of parts is larger. General solution is to increase the pressure force, if the material can be used to add spring is spring pressure, the air pressure on the material usually adopt more air force; If the increased pressure, there is still a local deformation, is about to find out the specific problems, check the pressure of material surface, etc. , is a local sag pressure plate to weld repairs can be used at this time; Under the pressure plate after welding and mould bedding-in type surface. ( 2) Automotive stamping die blade edge crack. Edge collapse edge is mold in the process of using one of the most common problems. Blade's edge if small, usually will collapse edge using grinder mill is big, with the corresponding welding electrode, so as to guarantee the welding and firm, not easy to collapse edge again. ( 3) Automotive stamping mould roughcast: edge collapse edge hair mainly in drawing, molding and flanging process. To control locate the mould corresponding hair parts, with oil stone pushes it, pay attention to the rounded size uniform, and then using a sandpaper polishing. ( 4) Trimming and piercing pick-up. Due to trim or punching mould pressure feeding or discharging device of abnormal cause trimming and piercing pick-up. At this time, also want to control stamping parts to find corresponding parts of the mold, if abnormal mould pressure stripper plate, just to repair welding of pressure plate, if there is no problem, mould pressure stripper plate can check mold knife block for hair. ( 5) Automotive stamping parts cut waste. Due to operating personnel in the process of production hadn't to clean up waste, cause the accumulation of waste, and finally in the trimming knife block under the pressure of the collapse of the knife blade, leading to cut waste phenomenon. The repair method and way similar trimming its blade. ( 6) Automotive stamping parts surface has burr. Due to mold the blade clearance when trimming, punching and blanking parts, the phenomenon of the burr is too large. Big gap, trimming and punching process USES punch motionless and trimming die, die in blanking process is used unchanged and trim to the punch. Clearance hours, depending on the size of the mould clearance adjustment, to ensure the reasonable clearance. For trimming punching die, the clearance on the way to die, for blanking die should adopt the way of amplifying punch, to ensure that the size of the parts in the same before and after repair. ( 7) Punching waste blocked. Because the road is not smooth, waste with inverted taper, no clear in time causes such as punching waste jam. To ensure that A and B surface is smooth and diameter of the state, can ensure that waste materials will not be blocked. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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