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Explanation of common bad defects in metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The metal stamping parts produced by stamping parts processing manufacturers cannot avoid the undesirable defects in the production and processing process. What are the specific defects? Where do these defective nouns refer? Let’s take a look below; 1. Crack; refers to the partial fracture of the metal stamping material, the most typical one is that there is a fracture on the outside of the bending and extension processing; 2. The front/burr; refers to the residue caused by shearing or stamping. Flat edges; 3. Die marks; usually the production of such marks is related to imprinting and stamping; 4. Oxidation; refers to the chemical change between the material of the metal stamping parts and the substances in the air, and the original characteristics are lost. Rust, etc.; 5. Concave and convex marks; Refers to abnormal protrusions or depressions on the surface; 6. Scratches/scratches; Refers to the damage caused by the surface of the metal stamping parts due to contact and friction; 7. Die; Yes Refers to the defects caused by punching, stretching or poor unloading during the processing of stamping parts; 8. Deformation; Refers to the appearance and shape variation caused by many reasons; 9. Stain; most of them are unidentified oil stains or Defects caused by dirt adhesion; 10. Material inconsistency; refers to the use of non-designated metal stamping parts materials; 11. Missing process; refers to a process that is missed in the stamping process; article recommendation: stamping die How to check and maintain after use, what are the steps? Previous post: What are the common factors that affect the galvanizing of metal stamping parts?
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