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Extend the service life of metal stamping equipment

by:Fortuna     2020-04-06
Extend the service life of metal stamping equipment method of mould design and manufacturing needs more time, it extended the new metal stamping parts production preparation time. Mold base, frame, guide the standardization and development of simple dies ( For small batch production) Progressive die, compound die, transfer ( For mass production) , as well as the development of quick die change equipment, can reduce stamping production preparation work and shorten the preparation time, can reduce suitable for stamping production preparation work and shorten the preparation time, can make the suitable for mass production of advanced punching technology reasonably applied to small batch more varieties of production. Stamping equipment in addition to the thick plate with hydraulic press forming, generally adopts the mechanical press. Conveying machinery and tooling libraries and quick die change equipment, and use the computer program control, automatic stamping production line can be of high productivity. In the production of dozens, hundreds of pieces of metal stamping parts per minute, in a short time to complete the feeding, stamping, out and discharge waste, personal, equipment and quality accidents occurred frequently. Therefore, safety in production of stamping is a very important problem. General artifacts in the stamping process, due to the stamping process, especially in the process of cold forging stamping processing, temperature rise quickly, must add lubrication lubrication products, if you do not use lubrication and direct stamping, welding - Components of the assembly, the surface has no oil is easy to welding and assembly.
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