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Factors affecting the stability of mould and stamping

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
How to improve the stability of the mould, the mould manufacturing enterprise are the real problem. As a high quality precision stamping factory, when they have a problem, need to be grasped the nettle and find the reason, to overcome difficulties and achieve the sustainable development. Mould design and manufacture, design experience and skills to play a key role. Design reasonable or not, through the test to be sure; While the mold need through many times test and modify repeatedly, can complete finally. Production practice, some mould once put into production line after use, often can produce all sorts of problems, can meet the production requirements or technical requirements, product production line caused by abnormal shutdown, etc. , bring many unstable factors. Stability is divided into process stability and stability. Process stability refers to satisfy the production of qualified products with the stability of the process; Production stability is refers to the stability of the production process of production capacity. Because now most of the mould manufacturing enterprises on the market for small and medium-sized enterprises, and a considerable part of the enterprise, is still stay on the production management of traditional cottage stage, often ignored the stability of the mold, mold development cycle is long, high manufacturing cost problem, severely restricted the development of enterprise. First let's take a look at the main factors which influence the stability of mould and stamping, respectively: the use of the mold material; The strength of the mold structure requirements; The stability of the stamping material performance; Material thickness fluctuation characteristic; The change of the material; The resistance of the tensile reinforcement size; Changes of the blank-holder force; The choice of lubricant, etc. How to reasonably choose mould material, become one of very important work in the mould design. As is known to all, stamping die involves many kinds of metal materials used, because of the role of the various parts in the mould is different, the material selection requirements and principles are also different. When choosing mould material, therefore, in addition to the required material must have high strength, high wear resistance and appropriate toughness, also must fully consider the characteristics of the material products processed with production requirements, so as to meet the requirements of the stability of the die forming. In order to solve the problem of stability of mould, need to strictly control from the following aspects: 1. Stages in the process, through analysis of product, to predict the product may be produced in the manufacturing defects, which make a has the stability of the manufacturing process plan; 2. To implement the standardization of the production process, the standardization of production technology; 3. Establish a database, and a summary of the optimization continuously; 4. With the help of CAE analysis software system, optimization solutions are obtained. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. As one of the precision stamping factory, through decades of development, the benign operation, not only has passed the certification of ISO9001 and ISO140001, also get the TS16949 certification. In mould design and production, can quickly and effectively solve the drawbacks of traditional mould, actively to conquer the difficulty of new products, and the height of the customer high praise and recognition. Such a good precision stamping factory, what are you waiting for? Need hardware, fast to yo.
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