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Features of less waste die used in stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The feature of the low-waste die used in the processing of stamping parts is that by adopting a suitable layout method, the effect of less waste or no waste can be obtained. The sheet material is divided into strips according to the length of the punched parts, and only the punched parts are waste materials, and the material utilization rate of the punched parts is high. The final blanking of the low-waste die is completed by shearing, and the punch is subjected to unilateral force, so the thickness of the fixed plate of the punch is larger than that under normal conditions. The convex mold also relies on the stripper plate to protect it, so the gap between the two should be smaller than the gap between the convex and concave molds. The stripper is made of hardenable materials and heat treated to a hardness of about 40HRC. Whether the guide post is placed on the upper mold or the lower mold, it is directly guided by the stripper plate and the punch fixing plate. The midpoint of the connecting line between the two guide posts coincides with the center of pressure. The stopper pin determines the width of the workpiece, and the upper end surface is higher than the plane of the die, so it is fixed by the method of wire cutting and tenon. The part of the stopper pin that is higher than the die has small rounded corners. It has the function of guiding and controlling the punch, resisting the horizontal component force generated by shearing, and ensuring the normal clearance between the punch and the concave mold. The punching punch should be 1 to 2 material thickness lower than the cutting edge, and the punching work will start after the cutting is completed. Recommended article: The characteristics of the pot wall punching die in the stamping part mold Previous: What is the oblique cutting process of the stamping parts processing factory?
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