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Fierce competition in the mid-market of the metal stamping industry

by:Fortuna     2021-05-07
From the analysis of the hardware stamping industry, it is an indisputable fact that the low-end hardware market has meager profits, while the import volume of high-end hardware is still high. Therefore, when the overall market demand of the industry is sluggish, hardware companies are undergoing transformation and upgrading under the pressure of the market, and the mid-end market is the hot spot of competition.
Not only have domestic large-scale enterprises put the focus of the market here, some new industry upstarts have also targeted their breakthroughs here. After all, mid-end hardware is easier to form batches and scales. At the same time, foreign brands have also accelerated their layout in the Chinese market.
As we all know, automobiles are big users in the hardware industry. There is a saying that at least 50% of Jinqie Hardware's customers are from the automotive industry. But sadly, domestic hardware companies rarely enter key areas such as engine production lines. In China's automakers, most of the equipment required for the four major processes needs to be imported.
Of course, what needs to be stated is that what the reporter means here is not the lack of a single high-end hardware, but the lack of a large number of high-end hardware industrialized and market-oriented competitive products. In fact, through the demonstration of major transformation achievements in recent years, we have indeed seen the emergence of a large number of outstanding achievements, and their individual technical indicators are also remarkable. The only regret is that the marketization and industrialization are not enough. In other words, the quantity is not enough.
If the mid-range market cannot form a certain amount, it will be difficult to have market persuasiveness, but this is the only way for mid-range products to go up. But there is still a big gap between being able to do it and doing it well. Being able to do it only means having the ability to make a product, but doing it well means that it recognizes the company’s capabilities from the customer’s perspective and is willing to pay for the corresponding product.
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