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Fine blanking parts, fine blanking parts, precision of fine blanking technology sharing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , established in January 2008, is a professional design and manufacture of precision stamping die and fine blanking parts of ODM/OEM professional manufacturers. The application of fine blanking technology industry have automobiles, motorcycles, computers, video recorders, communications equipment, aircraft manufacturing, home appliances, office machines, optical components, etc. With nearly 8000 kinds of fine blanking production parts, about 50% ~ 60% of fine blanking parts used in automobile industry, such as turbocharger, brake, gearbox, seat belts, seat, air conditioners, compressors, etc. Improve the shear surface quality and dimension precision blanking pieces of blanking process is called the fine blanking. Blanking pieces of ordinary secondary processing generally called finishing, finishing points are crowded and two. Pressure side of fine blanking process characteristics mainly smaller small clearance blanking, the clearance value is 0. 01 t, and must be circle or reverse pressure plate with pressure clamping. Products produced by high precision, small roughness, flat Angle and burr is small, high production efficiency, but tooling or equipment complex. If pressure on the rim without tooth shape, is a tablet, then called planar fine blanking pressure side. Before cutting and blanking are 'flat' pressure billet. Fine blanking work beginning, activity of upper die die has been locked, slider downwards. Let punch on the lock, punch under no pressure, make the fine blanking blank die and punch on the pressure, the internal part of the material was packed into a fixed die cavity. And then let the punch under the locking, punch without pressure, on the inner part of the material into the activities of the concave die die, punch is driven up. The last stage of the fine blanking parts work step, slider to continue downward, the punch is locked. Activity die to produce the required blank-holder force, pressure billet, reverse convex mold to produce the required under pressure, the blank-holder force under the action of negative pressure, the punch to complete even the skin the strong pressure of fine blanking, so as to realize the whole process of fine blanking forming. This is the so-called 'reciprocating forming fine blanking.
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