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by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
Fine blanking technology referred to as 'fine blanking technology. Generally suitable for the production batch fine blanking pieces in more than 100000. Precision, professional design and manufacture of precision metal molds and stamping parts of ODM/OEM manufacturer & bull; Applications: micro-motor, acoustic components, sensors, relays, connectors, diodes and IC & bull shrapnel, etc; Application industry: automobile electronic, new energy battery, medical electronics, intelligent household, consumer electronics and IC packaging and other industries. Fine blanking technology combination of economy and general mechanical processing method of the stamping technology of high precision, on many occasions to replace casting machining, forging, machining, drilling, grinding, etc. Craft. Fine blanking is developed on the basis of the general blanking, only in the ordinary soil of fine blanking can birth of fine blanking. Cutting is the stamping process of the separation process, it and other stamping process, high productivity, high material utilization, less energy consumption, low production cost, product rate of net shape high ( The quality of light) Good strength and stiffness, however, due to the specific processing property of blanking process, general blanking punch and the die cavity of the gap is bigger, namely the punch diameter size is smaller than the inner diameter of the die cavity. Occurred in the process of stamping, sheet metal arch bending, sheet metal in has not been completely cut off before they can be torn off. Therefore, about two-thirds of the tear on the surface of the shear zone, the shear surface quality and precision blanking pieces cannot satisfy some technical requirements. In this case, the ordinary blanking blocking, only need for subsequent blanking pieces of ordinary mechanical processing. In sheet stamping production gear, one by one and then to machining production obviously inappropriate, low efficiency, high cost, low quality, and unstable. Later blanking blocking after drilling, the hinge center hole; Again with a certain precision of the mandrel, according to certain matching requirement will more pieces after cutting hinge the blank of the center hole to roll teeth together. This method of processing production parts still low efficiency, high cost, the processing quality can't meet the production requirements. Gradually grope in the production practice and trial and error, tries hard to seek both has the inherent advantage of blanking process, and can obtain high shear surface quality, cutting method has high precision. The sheet stamping will clamp before pressure. The punch and the die cavity of the small gap, even zero ( No clearance) , negative ( The diameter of the punch is greater than the die cavity diameter) , that is, the punch diameter size is equal to or greater than the inner diameter of the die cavity. Does not occur in the process of cutting, sheet metal arch bending, sheet metal was completely cut off, thus section fracture surface is bright and clean. Blanking is called fine blanking, such as fine blanking. Fine blanking parts precise contact: wish you a prosperous business, everything goes well, if you want to learn more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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