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Fisheye precision stamping terminal.


Fisheye precision stamping terminal.

The production of precision fisheye terminals is generally completed by stamping technology, and the direct factors that determine the quality of the stamping process are advanced stamping machines and stamping toolings. Therefore, companies that can independently design and produce molds and are equipped with precision high-speed stamping machines have more advantages in production.

The difficulty in the production of fisheye terminal molds lies in the guarantee of the strength of the mold knife-edge and punch. At the same time, the fisheye area is generally a functional area, which is very demanding. When designing the mold structure, engineers need to consider comprehensively.

Dongguan Fortuna Metals is a processing factory focusing on stamping fisheye terminals, with high elasticity, fatigue resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics. And each test link provides test reports. Passed ISO14001, IATF16949, and other quality management system certifications. Dongguan Fortuna specializes in the production and processing of non-standard fisheye terminals, and can also be customized.

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