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Five principles that need to be followed in stamping parts processing.


Precision stamping parts are parts processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other means, and the stamping precision is high. It is widely used in various industries, and in order to meet the requirements of use, the quality control of stamping parts is also more stringent. So what principles should the stamping factory pay attention to when processing metal stamping parts? The following Dongguan Fortuna will give you a brief introduction.

1. The principle of precision

The number of processes for deep-drawing stamping parts is related to material properties, drawing height, number of drawing steps, drawing diameter, material thickness and other conditions, which can only be recognized after drawing process accounting.


2. The principle of beauty

When stamping parts are processed, when the cross-sectional quality and standard accuracy are required to be high, it can be considered to increase the trimming process or the diameter of the fine blanking process after the blanking process.


3. The principle of accuracy

When blanking a workpiece with a simple shape, it is enough to use a single-process mold to finish. However, when blanking a workpiece with a messy shape, due to the limitation of the structural strength of the mold, its surface and inside should be divided into several parts. For stamping parts processing process, continuous die can be used if necessary. For workpieces with high flatness requirements, a leveling process can be added after the blanking process to accurately incorporate the characteristics of each product into the production process.


4. Refinement principle

The number of processes for bending and stamping parts mainly depends on the disorder of its structural shape, which depends on the number of bending angles, the relative direction and the bending direction.

5. The principle of quality

In order to ensure the quality of stamping parts processing and ensure the stability of stamping parts processing technology, sometimes it is necessary to increase the number of processes, such as additional positioning hole punching of bending parts, increasing deformation in the forming process to reduce hole punching, transfer deformation area, etc., to ensure that each time Each product achieves the level of fineness, fineness and sophistication.

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