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Five principles that should be followed in the production and processing of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-07
Metal stamping parts are made by using high-speed punches and dies to deform or break stainless steel plates, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates or materials with different properties, so that they can achieve the required size and shape. If the processing of metal stamping parts does not follow the corresponding principles, it is very easy to produce defective products, leading to high costs and other conditions. In order to ensure the accuracy, high precision, stability and cost reduction of the products, the metal stamping processing plant is producing and processing hardware. What principles should be followed when stamping parts? 1. When the cross-sectional quality and dimensional precision of metal stamping parts are relatively high, it can be considered to increase the trimming process after the punching process or to select the high-precision punching process immediately. 2. The key to the total number of bending processes lies in the complexity of the structure and shape, which is determined by the number of bending angles, relative positions and bending directions. When the bending semi-warp of the bending part is lower than the control value, a reshaping process is added after bending. 3. The total number of processes for drawing parts is related to the characteristics of the raw material, the drawing height, the number of drawing steps, the drawing diameter, the thickness of the raw material and other conditions, and it can be clarified only after the calculation of the drawing production process. When the arc semi-warp of the stretched part is small or the dimensional precision is high, a shaping process must be added after stretching. 4. In order to improve the reliability of stamping die design, sometimes it is necessary to increase the number of processes to ensure the quality of metal stamping parts. For example, the additional positioning processing technology hole punching of bending parts, the increase of deformation in the forming processing technology reduces the hole punching to transfer the deformation zone, and so on. 5. The metal stamping parts with simple shapes are blanked, and single-process molds are used. For product workpieces with complicated shapes, the inner and outer contours of the mold should be divided into several parts because of the limited structure or compressive strength of the mold, which requires multiple stamping die processes. When necessary, continuous mode can be used. For metal stamping parts with high flatness requirements, a leveling process can be added after the punching process. The quality of metal stamping parts is affected by a variety of factors such as material, mold quality, stamping equipment, processing technology, etc. Therefore, when manufacturing metal stamping parts, it is necessary to comply with the material selection and production process standards described in order to save metal stamping parts. Cost, increase the qualification rate and quality of metal stamping parts. Guangdong Precision focuses on precision metal stamping and metal insert injection molding. Welcome to negotiate! [Related recommendation] Learn more: What are the methods for polishing the surface of stainless steel? Learn more: Manufacturing characteristics of automotive stamping parts molds Learn more: Points to note in the design of continuous stamping dies
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