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Form what are divided into terminal according to the connection

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
1. Plug type terminal consists of two parts can be connected with the plug, the section line pressure, then plugged into another part of this section in the welding on the PCB. The pick up at the bottom of the mechanical principle of the vibration design ensures that the product of long-term air tight connection and the use of the finished product reliability. Can add assembly ears on both ends of the socket, assembling the ear to a large extent can protect splicing and can prevent the splicing arrangement position, at the same time, this design can ensure outlet socket right into the matrix. Socket button can also be assembled and locked. Assembly button bits can be more firmly fixed on the PCB, lock button to lock the mother after the installation is completed and socket. All kinds of socket design can match different maternal insertion method, for example: horizontal, vertical or inclined to printed circuit boards, etc. , can choose different ways according to the customer's requirements. Can choose metric gauge can also choose to standard gauge, is currently on the market's best-selling terminal type. 2. Fence type terminal is to be able to achieve safe, reliable and effective connection, especially in high current, high voltage is used more widely in the environment. 3. Spring spring terminals are used to plant a new type of terminal blocks, has been widely used in electrical and electronic engineering industry: lighting, elevator, elevator control, instruments and meters, power, chemical, and vehicle dynamics, etc. 4. Orbital terminals using line pressing and unique design of the screw thread self-locking makes the wiring connection reliability and safety. This series of terminal design beautiful generous, with a variety of accessories, such as short circuit, identification, baffle, etc. 5. H wear wall type terminal adopts screw connecting technology, insulating material of PA66 ( Flame retardant grade: UL94, V - 0) High conductive metal material, the connector is made of high quality. Precision professional custom processing terminals, terminal blocks, rail terminals, PCB terminals, terminal plug type, barrier type terminals, terminal blocks, spring type, avoid screw terminals such as terminals, selects the high quality of the copper material, strict quality control, providing customers with quality products and professional services.
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