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Four consecutive hardware mold common problem analysis and countermeasures

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Stamping consecutive hardware mold advantages: high efficiency, product price advantage, dimensional tolerance can guarantee ( The size of the + / - 0. 02, bending size + / - 0. 8 mm) 。 Stable quality, high yield, 10KK) Disadvantages: the mould cost is high, the development cycle is long, 18 - 30 days) Suitable for to mass production of high precision products. If the connector terminals, electronic accessories, etc. Can be continuous plating and automatic assembly. Continuous hardware mold will often appear some problems in use process, then how to maintain? The common problem analysis and countermeasures on continuous hardware mold! A: scrap material blocking problem analysis: small hole leakage, leakage hole slants big, scrap material roll, blade wear, larger burrs, metal stamping oil drop too fast, oil viscosity, the soft material. Countermeasures:. Modify the hole leakage, modify, leak hole, main blade, control oil, replacing oil kind, polishing surface treatment processing pay attention to reduce the surface roughness, to amend the blanking clearance material, punch blade transverse slope or curved, use a vacuum cleaner. 2: blanking offset size variation problem analysis:. Under the punch and die edge wear, burrs, improper design size and gap, the machining accuracy is poor, blanking punch and the die set piece of offset, such as uneven clearance,. Feed needle wear and sizing is not enough, lead to a wear and tear, feeder distance, pressure, relax the improper adjustment, continuous hardware mold clamping depth is undeserved, stripping set piece of pressure level of wear, stripping edge crush too deep, punching is larger. Countermeasures:. Research edge, modify design and control the machining accuracy, adjust the position accuracy change, change the guide pin, guide pillar, guide sleeve, readjust the feeder, readjust the clamping depth and regrinding or replace stripping edge, increasing the pressure adjustment function. And reduce crush depth. Three: punch fracture collapse edge problem analysis: jump chip, chip material blocking, card die to punch, punch strength is insufficient, size it apart too close, when cutting material pulling small thrust, punch and die under local too sharp corners, smaller blanking clearance, and metal stamping oil or use metal stamping oil volatile strong, uneven clearance, stripping cutting insert precision is poor or wear, lose precision guidance function. Countermeasures: jump chip, chip material obstruction, card mode, pay attention to the problems such as feeding, timely clip strip, clear in time mould, modify the design, add punch the overall intensity, shorten the die, punch blade straight blade size face out of the slope, small department and cut short, the length of the small punch grinding large punch more than one material thickness, adjust the metal stamping oil drops of oil or replace oil kind of rising and falling, loose the forming precision, and to adjust or change, control of the machining accuracy, training or replacement, pay attention to the daily maintenance, replacement using material use suitable hardness. Four: improper maintenance problem analysis: the mold is no fool proof function group negligence result in reverse, when the cutting has been offset, such as clearance of insert not according to recover the original state. Countermeasures: modify the continuous metal mold, ZengFang stay function, methods of tick mold, and after a set of mould with care make necessary inspection, confirmed.
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