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From the traditional hardware towards circulation industry

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Old, big, thick, black, dazu county industry to the outside world the impression. Now the image is changed. Recently, dazu county industry is elegant turn to high technical content, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon of circular economy. High rise of the emerging industry of the past scientific and technological content in dazu county, industry in the traditional metal stamping, coal, cement, stone material is given priority to. Since 2010, when the Zhong Shun of national high-tech key research projects with a solar energy company, dazu county made the pace of the development of emerging industries. Zhong Shun solar energy company is dazu county to introduce an enterprise energy saving. The company is using its national high-tech key research project, built in dazu county concentrator photovoltaic research center and tracking photovoltaic system demonstration base, tracking tablet photovoltaic assembly system and concentrating photovoltaic assembly center. Industry experts said, to day, technology is the core of the concentrator photovoltaic power generation industry, the technology is mainly by reducing the use of solar cells, improve the efficiency of the condenser, which significantly reduce manufacturing costs. At present, the worldwide recognized with day is hard to master technology must meet the following three conditions: one is high precision. For the sun shone every day on the cell Angle is less than 0. 5° And there can be no accumulated error. Second, the high reliability. Request once the installation can be used for 20 years. Three is to lower cost. According to introducing, through independent research, Zhong Shun companies have a breakthrough in the core technology. Its independent design and production of high concentrated photovoltaic cells components, has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, domestic form a complete set of mature and easy industrialized production, etc, on the basis of the core technology and development of solar power station system, each unit of kilowatts of construction costs can drop to 9000 yuan, more than the current domestic traditional fixed plate type solar power costs fell by 50%, which means that the cost of solar power will significantly drop to zero. 6 ~ 0. 8 yuan/degree. Now, Zhong Shun solar energy company and cooperate with sichuan hanlong group, do solar power equipment industry in dazu county, and has set up with European countries to sign the order for 15 billion yuan. If the power equipment widely used, the industry will be 20 billion, 30 billion, annual output value.
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