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Function of stamping die parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Function of stamping die parts stamping die on the material feeding direction, stamping with multiple work position, and in a trip, press different location in completing the stamping process at the same time. It in a different areas of the mold to complete the multichannel stamping forming process of a kind of precision, high efficiency, complex stamping die, in a pair of mold can be finished within a part blanking, flanging and bending, deep drawing, such as three-dimensional forming process. And can be continuous motion continuous stroke according to the press. The following introduction of function of stamping die parts: 1. Work parts - - - Separate in blanking parts directly. ( Punch, blade, regulate the punch, etc. ) 2. - pressure/strip material parts - - The plate after cutting off from the punch, ejection of the parts from the die. ( Insert, floating pad, etc. ) 3. Positioning parts - - - Ensure the strip on the mould has the correct location of the parts. ( Needle, trimming, etc. ) 4. Guiding parts - - - The relative motion parts moulds with correct position and moving state of the parts. ( Led column, led set) 5. Other parts - - - The correct position to ensure the parts, the fixed or related parts connected parts. ( Check high blocks, screws, nuts, washers, springs, dowel pin, etc. ) More pressing mould in detail, in:
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