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Global smartphone manufacturers shipped Q1 performance ranking and regional market

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
International electronic information compilation - - A uk-based market research firm Canalys published the latest statistics, the report said Android smartphone shipments in the first quarter of 2011 to 35. 7 million, the total shipment of 1. In 0. 1 billion the global smartphone market accounted for the proportion of 35%; The agency is expected, the Android platform products will be in the second quarter of the smartphone market to keep the lead. To regional markets, Canalys pointed out that Asia has become the world's largest smartphone market, in the first quarter of 2011 shipments of 37. 3 million, annual growth rate of 98%, ahead of Europe, the Middle East and Africa ( EMEA) The market; In the asia-pacific market, and with China, South Korea and India's smartphone shipments most grab an eye, at the rate of growth of three digits. Whole, in the first quarter of 2011 global smartphone shipments up 83% from a year earlier, but smartphone shipments in the overall handset market share and slightly reduced to 24% from 39% a year ago. With the brand, Nokia in 24. 2 million smartphone shipments in the first quarter market leader, shipment annual growth rate of 13%; Although Nokia smartphone platform strategy is adjusted, the brand in the EMEA market in Asia Pacific market leading rivals RIM and Apple, respectively. In Asia Pacific, Nokia has become the largest regional market, accounting for 53% of total shipments, the company more than the EMEA market, 3 million; Canalys said, according to the regional statistics show that Nokia smartphone market is still in 28 countries occupy the leading position, including the mainland China; Under what is the lunar New Year blessing, Nokia smartphone shipments in the first quarter was China market reached 8. 9 million, annual growth rate of 79%. The regional markets around the world in the first quarter of 2011 smartphone shipment: 'HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and SonyEricsson brand in the first quarter Android smartphone market growth, every supplier shipments in the quarter for more than 3 million cigarettes; 'Canalys PeteCunningham chief analyst, said:' the Samsung in the first quarter also shipped nearly 3. 5 million bada smartphone operating system, more than overall theculmination platform products to more than 1 million. 'in the fourth quarter of 2010, Nokia, Apple, RIM, Samsung and HTC in the first quarter of 2011 is still the world's top five smartphone suppliers; The Apple city share further, to 19%; RIM in the first quarter, share declines, the main reason is that its product line needs to be updated, and the company is focusing on the PlayBook tablet device is listed. LG replaced Motorola to become the world's sixth largest smartphone suppliers, because its Optimas series Android smartphone in the regional market well. The United States is the largest country in the smartphone shipments, local to the Apple brand, market share is as high as 31%, the first quarter shipments year growth rate of more than 150%; Apple shipments of substantial growth, mainly from iphone 4 with telecommunication companies VerizonWireless tie-in sale. But U. S. smartphone market is still in the Android platform products the most, and the platform has been continuous shipments for the first three quarters, the city accounted for 49%; HTC Android smartphone is the market leading, in the first quarter shipments of annual growth rate over 200%, chases after Apple in the United States second largest smartphone brand. Canalys report also showed that the support 4 g smartphone products play an important influence in the first quarter in the United States market, these products include: SamsungGalaxyS4G, HTCEVOShift4G, and T - MobilemyTouch4G; As the us telecoms operator Verizon's 4 g network in operation began in December 2010, this one season is tracking the LTE smartphone shipments of full season, the 4 g smartphone shipments estimates more than 600000 cigarettes. Precision hardware electronic technology co. , LTD. , dongguan city, the pearl river delta is the most professional manufacturer of precision metal stamping and LED stent, serve the SAMSUNG, HTC, LG, such as number of terminals smartphone manufacturers in the industry.
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