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Good hardware stamping performance with good metal stamping

by:Fortuna     2020-06-04
Good hardware stamping performance with good metal stamping performance materials of metal stamping performance refers to the material's ability to adapt to a variety of stamping processing method. The main factors influencing the stamping properties have the following a few. (1) Material of plastic. Stamping process, when the deformation exceeds material forming limit, can cause fracture. Plastic material allows the large range of forming limit. Therefore, require material has good plasticity and the stability of plastic deformation. This can reduce the working procedure and due to poor material waste, defective goods. The increase of carbon, silicon, sulfur content in steel can reduce the plastic material, the brittleness increases, the carbon content on the material of plastic. (2) Material compressive instability wrinkling ability. When materials mainly compressive stress in the process of stamping, such as the straight wall of deep drawing parts, reducing and outer convex curve flanging, mainly compression deformation and the thickness increase, the wrinkle prone to instability. Therefore, require material has good compressive instability wrinkling ability. (3) The surface of the material quality. Materials should have good surface quality, namely the material surface should be smooth, level off and no rust, etc. Stamping process, the cracks and pitting on the surface of the material, such as scratch, scar, bubble defect to produce stress concentration caused by the rupture. Deflection uneven surface affects the positioning precision shearing and punching, scrap or damage caused by the punch.
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