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Gree daikin mould occupy the independent innovation

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Precision mold market development prospect as the growth of the mold enterprise, many industry rising to mold requirement, so the precision plastic mold industry development gradually heating up, information-based transformation of traditional industries and the rapid development of electronic information industry, is bound to bring plastic mould, a vast prospect in the market high-grade, precision plastic mold markets around the world appear in short supply situation. Precision plastic mold manufacturing level in our country this year have been improved greatly, the production of large-scale plastic mold of the single set of weight has reached more than 50 t, the accuracy of precision plastic mold has reached to 3 cm, already can produce a multi-cavity mold plastic mold cavity encapsulation molds, 7800 high-speed molding aspect has been able to produce extrusion speed of more than 4 m/min high-speed plastic different profile extrusion die and the main profile double co-extrusion die cavity. Gree daikin precision mold actively grasp the current market opportunity over time by the state of policy and the continuous expansion of market space, the influence of the car industry, IT industry, packaging industry momentum very rapidly in recent years, not only has made great development in terms of capacity, but also in the aspect of the industry's high-end has a great progress, therefore, in the industry including the three aspects has a strong mold needs. A product in the market development degree, influenced by many factors. Only the technical innovation to meet the market demand is the market demand, first when the product is the market need, that had the opportunity to grow. Then the quality of the product itself, if the quality of products and technology to innovate and improve, then can let the value of the product itself higher some, so also will be more popular with the market. Especially in automobile industry, auto mould precision, service life, such as error more and more high quality requirements. The gree daikin is equipped with a full set of imported from Japan makino, Toshiba, mitsubishi top precision processing equipment. High quality precision mold processing has obvious advantages. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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