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Group of stamping die mold base

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Stamping die is mold, the mold base, the mold base, stripper of four parts. In order to shorten the stamping mould processing cycle, to strengthen the mould precision, spinning technique, the operator a lower mold production will produce abnormal, ensure production quality and the die life, especially to the mold make notes of all parts of the group, this paper will detail group of stamping die mold base. Mold base assembling process is as follows: 1, the appearance will be dominated by column with kerosene and alcohol washed clean after wound with a clean cloth in the freezer. 2, will, under the outer mold base with general (8 ' 20cm) Of long ping bravely, remove burrs and sharp edges. 3, mold base on the positive, on the back of the mold base all orifice chamfering R0. More than 5, Φ 12. 000 location hole loading end circumference R1. 0 and polishing, led column hole loading end circumference R1. 0 and polishing. 4, the mold base on the back all around the blanking hole C0. 5 ( Positive fail) 。 5, the upper and lower mold base with 600 # ( 200 * 54 * 27) Sharpening stone bulldozed to remove burrs. 6, the upper and lower mold base with kerosene wash clean, use air gun to all through hole bits of the cut after a blow to clean, wash clean with alcohol again. 7, will be dominated by column in side coated with a little oil, gently knock down into the mold base guide pin hole. ( Pay attention to the vertical degree, need to prepare the light and Angle square) 8, wait for 8 ~ 12, respectively fixed on the upper and lower mold base. ( Such as high level confirmation, height difference to < 0. 0029, cover up and mold base, with special glue on the positioning pin will, under the mold base location OK. 10, will dominate clean, put on the mold base dominant set of holes. ( Hand not met guide bush outside diameter surface) In each guide bush around four directions in 0. 03 ~ 0. 04 silicon steel sheet, and check each guide bush can turn into silicon steel sheet later. 11, check in with a gauge block, the relative degree of parallelism between mold base. ( Below 300 mm < 0. 020; Below 450 mm < 0. 030; Below 600 mm < 0. 040). 12, first remove the one surrounding the guide bush coated with LOT - By rotating the pressure into the 680, and then slowly until met T = 48. 0 mm block, the guide sleeve top sink into the mold base plane about 1. 0mm。 13, remove the diagonal guide bush, actions such as these, until all the guide bush. 14, in the mold base on above 20 ~ 30 kg weight down. More than 15, by 12 h, mold base glue. 16, at the moment of the side upper die, die,, clamping height, PITCH, material thickness and width. Through the above 16 steps process, stamping die mold base of group work has been completed. Dongguan precision hardware electronic co. , LTD is a professional design, production of high-speed stamping die manufacturers, welcomed the advisory order. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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