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Guizhou precision terminal stamping parts, talk to you about the importance of tools

by:Fortuna     2021-03-30
The positive development of work is to grow personal working ability while evolving the improvement of tools. Guizhou precision terminal stamping parts, share with you some of the advantages of current high-speed precision stamping machines: 1. Precision: the dimensional tolerance of fine-blanking parts can reach T7-T8 precision, and the roughness of the shear surface can reach Rao0.8-0.4μm . 2. Efficiency: For many parts with complex shapes, such as flat parts such as gears, sprockets, cams, etc., the fine blanking process can be completed in one time, and the time is only a few seconds, reducing a lot of milling, planing, grinding, boring, etc. The cutting process can increase the efficiency by more than 10 times. 3. Low consumption: The fine blanking process not only saves a lot of energy consumption of the cutting machine tool, but also because the surface after fine blanking has a strong cold work hardening effect, it can sometimes replace the pure fire process of the subsequent process, thereby reducing the cost. Hardware, 15 years of craftsmanship focusing on precision terminal stamping parts in Guizhou, 20000+ sets of customized precision mold production experience, stamping accuracy can reach ±0.01mm, daily production capacity of 3 million punching times, 16 strict quality inspections to check quality. It can quickly solve time-critical problems for you, solve stamping accuracy problems, and solve production quality problems. Choose, choose rest assured!
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