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Hardware accessories burr removal

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Many hardware processing factory in the production of metal stamping parts products often encountered when metal stampings have burrs. The following for everybody to introduce how to remove burrs on the metal stamping parts. A: is there a tool to remove burr 1 of metal stamping parts. Larger diameter hole: use the chamfer cutter or the front end of the bit 2. Edge: use file, abrasive, sandpaper, grindstone, 3. Welding slag, vibration welding slag tools also can remove the crisp burr 4. Outside diameter: when machining process on lathe guide Angle of 5. And polishing, grinding, sandblasting, see what artifacts and product requirements 2: according to the product to decide to hardware stamping burr process, if it is a single product manual to the good 1. Electricity chemical deburring. If the homemade equipment, the cost is not high, the economy, efficiency and use. 2. Vibration grinding deburring ( Gear burr) , the efficiency high, the quality can also. 3. Can also through shot peening deburring heat treatment parts, also can eliminate surface stress. 4. With air pressure gun with various shapes of spear deburring effect is better, efficiency is also high five. Gear deburring can use the following methods: 1 electrochemical deburring, highest efficiency, best quality, but the equipment cost is too high, general of small businesses can't afford to use; 2 vibration deburring, general quality, but the cost is low, 3 manual deburring, quality is better, just may lower efficiency; Four roller can be used. Stainless steel electrode (6). Pneumatic deburring on an article: stamping, die parts common problems
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