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Hardware insurance which includes hardware

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Hardware insurance which includes hardware town worker actually includes social insurance pension, unemployment, medical treatment, inductrial injury and birth hardware, if coupled with the housing accumulation fund, there are six gold. 8% of endowment insurance individual, unit pay medical insurance 2%, 20% 11% (+ 5 yuan A serious illness insurance) Unemployed insurance pay cost standard according to 3% of the total amount of wages, the unit by this unit worker total wages 2% pay, pay 1% of the salary of the employee. From October 1, 2004, the standard of unemployed insurance gold is adjusted for 434 yuan per person, per month. Pay the unemployment insurance, unemployment can take 434 yuan. Inductrial injury insurance '0. 3 - 1. All by the unit pay 2%, implement different rates for each different unit industry. Housing accumulation fund to pay or no pay, pay the direct unit welfare or personal and hand in the same percentage, generally 8% ~ 10%, less than 15% 0 birth insurance. All by the unit pay 5% the previous: stamping equipment safety technical analysis
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