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Hardware mechanical parts product prices twenty percent

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
We know from the start, copper, aluminum, plastic and other raw materials prices are in trend, and also on the rise, such as labor, freight that led directly to many metal processing enterprise, hardware and mechanical parts and other products price some metal stamping parts products price even nearly thirty percent higher than the same period last year. We should know the hardware products processing center of the largest hardware city, a year throughput hardware processing products are staggering. And hardware products processing of raw materials for steel, iron, copper, aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous metals. Entered since 2011, the several kinds of almost all the metal raw material prices. Plus domestic refined oil price increases unceasingly, the coal price is also very unstable and wages rose sharply, causing a lot of metal processing enterprises faced with a very big cost pressure, prices become the metal processing industry is the most effective but also the most helpless choice. Is expected within the next period of time, the hardware processing products prices will continue to rise, or is expected to be 10% to 20%. In the second half, with the price of raw materials and artificial wage stability, hardware product prices would remain in a relatively stable state. As hardware and metal stamping parts processing hardware products one by one push up prices, decoration industry is undoubtedly the most directly affected industry, metal prices as long as it is copper iron building materials products, a bundle of ordinary copper wire to be more expensive than years ago 100 multivariate. Consumers Ye Mou said, also is decorated suites of 100 square meters, years ago locks, door handles, hardware, electrical, budget is 4000 yuan, but years later, according to the actual purchase price of the hardware on the market is only can get 5000 yuan. Not only that some small home appliance product is with the hardware components of rising price trend. Compared with previous years, metal processing parts product prices are generally point to rise slowly, but this year the situation is not big, big reason may be the usual basic only affected by raw materials or products factory price, but after the Spring Festival this year their wages rise too much, manufacturers began to implement price increases should also substantially in desperation. 'Overall, with the constant improvement of the cost of hardware industry is involved in the metal processing industry, metal stamping industry pressure will be more and more big. A: metal stamping parts knowledge profile
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