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Hardware mold clearance adjustment

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Hardware mold maintenance, must be careful, patient, step-by-step, avoid by all means is blind. Due to the fault with strip during repairing mold, so that the query of the problem. Open the mould, to take care of belt, check the mold status, to confirm the cause of the problem, find out the problem, then mold cleaning, can disassemble module. To force wants even, dismantle for unloading the spring between the fixed plate and stripper plate and spring discharge guide pin on the immediate roof, the mould structure, the removal of the stripper plate to ensure that the stripper plate balance pop-up, stripper plate tilt may lead to the mould punch rupture. Mold core positioning hole for frequent mold core and the combination of multiple and wear and tear, caused after assembly gap is big, Loose after assembly produce) Or uneven clearance ( Positioning deviation) After, all will cause the cutting cross section shape, punch is easily broken, produce burr, etc. , can be through the hedge cutting section status after inspection, make the appropriate clearance adjustment. Clearance hours, less, the cross section gap is big, the cross section is more and larger burrs, to shift the way to obtain a reasonable interval, adjust good, should make appropriate records, can also be marked at the edge of the concave die, etc. , so that the follow-up work. Daily production should be paid attention to collecting save the original mold better conditions of material, such as follow-up production is not smooth or mold variation, which can be taken as reference to the mold maintenance. In addition, the auxiliary system such as the top pin for wear, whether can lifter, have guide pin and bushing wear, inspection and maintenance should be paid attention to in metal stamping mold production, the mould is very important for the daily maintenance work, the daily attention to check whether the punch and die is in normal state, such as stamping oil supply direction of gas. Mould check in front of the computer, blade inspection, each place lock confirmation and so on, so can avoid many sudden accident. Maintenance must think twice before, and carefully recorded experience. Dongguan precision hardware electronic co. , LTD. , has passed ISO9001 and TS16949 certification, systematic management, open the new mold every month more than 10 sets, open mold cycle is 7 ~ 25 days, delivery yield rate more than 90%, deliver qualified rate of more than 85% at a time. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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