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Hardware production commodity lift sales of Chinese science and technology hardware city storm

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
At present, China's science and technology hardware city winter supplies full access to the brisk demand. Visit a city hardware, sales survey found that the continuation of previous years, winter supplies such as water heater, heater, humidifier is the culmination of a sales. Water heater has been the most bright eye hardware city winter supplies sales of 'star', 09. Set out to reserve the goods as early as September, merchants to welcome the arrival of the water heater sales season. Still on the market at present with solar water heaters, electric water heater as the main types of sales, in addition this water heater with energy saving, consumer response common quality of the water heater is now more and more reassuring. According to merchants, the water heater in the hardware city court has been for several years, because the early years of this kind of product quality assurance, coupled with higher prices, consumers are not interested in it. In the past two years, as the well-known brands of water heater continuously improve product quality, especially the state pay more and more attention to the energy saving function of water heater began to be accepted by more and more consumers. Heater is after the water heater and a favorite winter supplies by the general public, many consumers believe that heater can move, can also be used to dry the clothes at the same time in the heating, kill two birds with one stone of it. While the price from one hundred yuan to thousands of yuan. According to merchants, from '11' after the start in the store sales, but early because the temperature drop is not very big, so the sales is not very good. And since late November, and has obvious sales into the rush hour. In the winter market, sales of humidifier also nots allow to ignore. With the improvement of living standards, air conditioning widely used, resulting in abnormal environment is dry, and humidifier can not only nourish dry air, also can remove the peculiar smell, make the air more pure and fresh, many consumers is to take a fancy to these two points to buy humidifier. The previous: vigorously promotes the illegal sewage foshan hardware companies ordered to rectification
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