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Hardware products fully open era 'customer experience'

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Today, consumers have learned to calmly face the colourful goods promotion, products of choose and buy, not single one-sided word, listened to the salesman more inclined to sensory experience. In the era of comprehensive customer experience, in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the need for the user not only, but also should give respect for the full experience of users and condensation at the product level, to feel respected, be understanding and considerate. Experiential marketing is standing in the consumer sensory, emotional, thinking, action, associated with five aspects, redefined, design the marketing way of thinking. As a new marketing mode, has gradually penetrated into any corner of the sales market, and is becoming the fastest effective sales channels. Metal stamping companies in the off-season, festival marketing products, can use experiential marketing. Let customers to participate in the sales process, experience the functionality of the product, under the comparison of the different, embodies the advantages of the product sales. So, wait until the last, no faster, customers also can phase of our products. Experiential marketing to the influence of the metal stamping: conduction terminal brand environment guide about opportunities for incremental or not. Can definitely say that there are no hardware bosses don't care for terminal, don't care about the terminal brand experience. Experiential marketing is important for hardware industry. As a market concentration is low, the spread of brand experience is the key of the contributed to sales. Due to the low market concentration, hardware enterprise widespread type of mass media bombardment of advertising expected return is much lower than fast moving consumer goods, metal stamping target customers are less impulsive consumption behavior. For the metal stamping industry, what is the real brand experience? Logo design is good or bad? Is decorated luxury stores? Or gaudy to get into the museum of art, let the consumer in the same figure a busy? Experiential marketing, at the end of the day is terminal run-off. Emphasis on store design is on the other hand, in addition, we also cannot reject terminal channels of direct sales. Experiential marketing in metal stamping sales: standing on the perspective of sales, experiential marketing can be understood as, try on garment industry, cosmetics industry, food industry try as long as the hardware vendors in the process of product sales, consumer senses into play adequately, is successful in experiential marketing in the sales process. Follow the selling of products, improve sales performance.
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