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Hardware stamping products export trade how to go out

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Domestic stamping industry is increasingly pursued the world's advanced level, but with a line of advanced technology countries there are still gaps, how can let hardware stamping products go out of China, exported to developed countries and regions. ( A) Promote the technology hardware stamping products, expand the international market share. Domestic hardware stamping products enterprise basic it is to produce the products according to customers' demand, but is often a lack of creativity and development, lead to can't meet the requirements of the production process of foreign metal stamping parts products, quality is hard to be obtained. Development has the leading technology products, only for metal stamping parts products of foreign trade to expand international market share. Related factories should be actively innovation, developing new technology hardware stamping products, prompting China leads the world in production of metal stamping products, promote the export quantity. ( 2) Make full use of Internet technology, building a professional foreign trade platform hardware stamping products. At present, metal stamping parts products industry in China should make full use of Internet technology, build a professional metal stamping parts products foreign trade platform. The platform construction should be determined by the industry association, director of the organization, actively participate in the company. Platform should include the real-time transaction prices, chat and order, and other functions, and the platform should also build professional logistics system. Chosen by the industry association organization, specifically to the unified administration of related business. Should at the same time, the introduction of third-party payment, international data lines and other exchanges, so as to provide convenience for both parties. In addition, the platform should be set on experience exchange column, the factory can exchange experiences with each other. Therefore, with the rapid development of advanced Internet information technology, hardware stamping products manufacturing company should continue to promote the export trade platform construction, and promote export and facilitation. ( 3) Industry association to develop foreign trade group standards, preempt the voice quality. Metal stamping parts products association should be combined with the actual situation of foreign trade in recent years, to develop targeted foreign trade group standards. In formulating group standards, led by industry association with legal person qualification, market-oriented, and encourage the industry leading factories will own share, the excellent technical indicators, through this way to develop industry's most advanced indicators. After group standards, effectively guarantee the product quality of foreign trade, metal stamping parts industry can preempt the industry quality voice, drive hardware stamping products foreign trade market in our country. Group standard and foreign trade system can avoid blind competition and vicious competition between enterprises, industry associations can regulate orderly deal with the market competition. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. Is engaged in metal stamping production custom for 30 years technology and experience, customer groups across countries. Team will according to different regions and characteristics of the customer to arrange the company's business manager and docking services, within the scope of ability to provide the best service to customers. On the basis of technology, industry fort breakthrough, in order to help customers improve competitiveness as own duty, is committed to become the world's most professional electronic stamping supplier.
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