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Hardware terminal molding material with abnormal solutions ( Below)

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Hardware terminal molding material with abnormal solutions ( Below) 1, complete hardware terminal after the mold material out of the, the next is the trim size. ( 1) The first against the product figure size so full inspection again. Put the so NG. ( 2) Blanking dimension NG, check for chamfering NG the size of the place, The size of the chamfer size will affect the size) , blade punch whether wear or crash, produce the burrs. ( 3) Whether the blanking material, ( Insert material is not enough, the blade punch wear and tear, the clearance between the punch and the blade is not good, will lead to turn material) At the same time also affect the partial bending partial shift. Compensation is no good design nowadays. ( If blanking can shift will move the blanking, if the shift will affect other dimensions, set to change parts) ( 4) NG shape dimension NG, bending Angle, generally two forming Angle is 45 degrees and 90 degrees bend right point of stagger distance ( The farther the distance Angle is smaller, the closer distance away from the greater perspective) Need to adjust the bending position of the 45 degrees. ( 5) Molding curved height can also influence Angle, forming Angle downward to add and subtract in mold parts, mold can grind convex rib. Up molding under the bending modulus and subtract of parts, the mold can grind convex rib. ( Add and subtract in the positive and negative range is 0. 02 mm) within ( 6) Molding curved in R will impact Angle, the smaller the R Angle is smaller, the materials will be, the more the greater the R Angle is bigger, the material is less, so will affect the bending length. 90 negative Angle bending die will impact Angle, take 5 - normally do 10 degrees, to get out of the way as far as possible, special circumstances can make it right. ( 7) Bending die drawing material will impact Angle, bending die puller is bending die face off too long ( Generally speaking, there are zero. 05 - 0. 1 mm can) 。 ( 8) Floating block pressure feeding location are far away from the molding surface ( General in the R Angle and face to face with the position of the handover) , floating piece of spring is not strong, Generally in green, orange, special coffee grey) ( 9) Bending size NG bending size is associated with 90 bending modulus, ( Generally by adjusting 90 bending die position to adjust the size) 。 ( 10) General convex hull, Pierce, add and subtract how much difference. Have adjust lever can adjust the size, can be transferred to the state of adjustment, to make mold adjustment to bottom dead center position, prevent overdo destroyed parts. Adjust lever limited device, fixed after don't in hard to adjust, adjust lever will be pulled apart or cause drag mark. For hardware terminal die design and processing, case analysis, complicated symptoms, to overcome difficulties, technological breakthroughs, precision company one by one to solve for you.
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