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High-capacity custom stamping parts choose hardware

by:Fortuna     2021-03-15
Miss Zhou from Nanjing came to Xiaoshuo Company and chatted while drinking tea. Speaking of her previous work, she has suffered a lot in custom stamping parts, because the selected supplier is not good enough, let's make a model, it hasn't been done in more than 10 days. Opening a mold can sometimes take a month to complete, and in mass production, either the goods cannot be delivered, or the quality of the goods delivered is not up to standard. It severely affected the company's research and development and the company's product gold market. After contacting Xiaoshuo, Ms. Zhou happened to have a new project in the company. There were three custom stamping parts that needed to be sampled at 30PCS, and they were sent to Xiaoshuo's factory. Within one hour of the project, the evaluation and communication of the drawings of the three products were completed. Next, I transferred the process sheet to the prototype department. Master Li was in charge of this project. It took only four days to send the prototype to Ms. Zhou. She was a little surprised and said that she didn’t know if there is any proofing of custom stamping parts before. So fast. After the prototype is qualified, the customization of the mold begins. Three customized stamping parts molds were completed in 15 days, and the products, together with the acknowledgment letter, were also sent to Miss Zhou's company in Nanjing. In less than a year, Miss Zhou transferred all the custom stamping parts used by the company to Xiaoshuo Company. A competent supplier can solve your concerns in the production and production of the problem, take into account your needs, and meet the development of your company. What else is there to worry about? With a production capacity of 300 per day, 16 quality inspections are strictly controlled. Hardware, the result of your work is the result of your needs. Choose, choose rest assured!
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