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High speed continuous stamping die technology - March to all over the world!

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
High-speed continuous stamping mould is one of the more rapid development in the field of national mold production industry, is gradually showing a high-end, precision, complex development situation, an important force to promote our country as mould manufacturing powerhouse. High-speed continuous stamping die industry development characteristics, precision, complex products into the industry mainstream, suitable for mass production of hardware products to achieve lower costs, improve efficiency, guarantees the quality of the mould, its characteristic is to develop high production cost, high production efficiency, product quality is stable. We improve mold design and manufacturing technology development is being rushed, continuously pursued the world's advanced level, there are quite a number of products exported to the Asia and Europe and the United States. At present, our company precision stamping die are actively to the international stage, to participate in international competition. Our stamping mold industry will achieve tremendous, backbone impetus of the development of domestic die industry, promote the technology level of industry as a whole, promote domestic mould industry into the world!
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