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High strength clearly defined thread rolling into welding welding nut nut, also known as Type

by:Fortuna     2020-06-05
High strength clearly defined thread rolling into welding welding nut nut, also known as Type (TT Type Tai is still has a patent) Is developed based on the principle of forming tap, thread rolling into welding nut with special design of thread and end can make the screw under the pressure of the intermittent to boil with the female. At the same time around the hole of the material can be more easy to fill welding nut and end of the tooth space, thread forming welding nut due to the friction force is small, so you can use the thicker material, rotate the required torque control, the better and higher strength after combination. Thread rolling stainless steel round nut its engineering standard definition than forming cutting or welding nut in the material, heat treatment, on the strength of the definition of a higher and more clear, make the thread rolling into welding nut become real 'structure with' fasteners. Thread forming welding nut ─ is developed directly by the iron screw, screw thread forming screws when using stainless steel circle must be drilled in advance, then the screw hole, strong extrusion with female thread, and the original material will be packed in the position of female to male, between this call of thread forming welding nut. Only can be applied to thin and resilient materials, therefore, to develop; Thread cutting welding nut in the end of a thread of cutting out one or more of the cutting mouth, can make the screwing in drilled, using screw tail and teeth in a similar way of tap cutting out with female thread. It can be used in thick plate, more hard and brittle materials is not easy to shape.
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