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by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Sensitivity ( 敏感度) : to enter one milliwatt power when headsets can emit sound pressure level ( Sound pressure unit is the db, the greater the pressure the greater the volume) , basin net cover with is smaller, so generally the higher the sensitivity, impedance headphones, the more likely it is to drive the easier. Usually says the sensitivity is actually headsets sensitivity level, it is applied to headphones 1 mw electrical power, coupling in simulation ears (produced by headphones False head) The sound pressure level, 1 mw of power frequency is 1000 hz calculated on the basis of the standard impedance headphones. The sensitivity of the unit is dB/mW, and the other is not a common dB/Vrms, namely 1 Vrms generated when the sound pressure level of the voltage applied headphones. Hardware headset speakers processing high sensitivity means that reaches a certain sound pressure level of the required power is smaller, the sensitivity of moving coil headphones are generally above 90 db/mW, if is to choose the walkman headphones, sensitivity is best at around 100 db/mW or higher. A: stamping industry market and the problems existing in the technical level
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