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How can auto stamping parts processing manufacturers improve product productivity?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
For stamping parts processing manufacturers, how to improve the productivity of stamping parts is very important. Productivity is a major comprehensive index to evaluate the efficiency of an enterprise’s production and operation activities. The development of stamping technology based on stamping dies and presses has made the automotive industry Large-scale production has been achieved, and the advantage of stamping is that it can be produced in large quantities. The greater the output, the higher the efficiency. There are many factors that affect the productivity of stamping parts, including equipment, molds, materials, personnel, etc. Among them, the operating rate of equipment is the main factor affecting productivity, and there are others, such as the specifications of the press, the type of stamping line, and the length of the stamping line , Stamping parts materials, equipment damage, etc. are all important factors affecting the productivity of stamping parts; then how can productivity be improved? The following is a brief description of stamping parts processing manufacturers; 1. Quick die change technology can be used, and shortening the die change time is also an important issue for improving stamping productivity. Shortening the die change time is equivalent to reducing the downtime of the stamping line equipment, thereby increasing productivity; 2. Reasonable selection and use of equipment; the selection of stamping equipment in the production of stamping parts is very important, it is the main factor affecting the production efficiency, production layout and production safety of stamping parts processing manufacturers; 3. Improve the degree of automation of stamping production and stamping parts processing Automated production has the characteristics of high productivity, small footprint, fewer operators, and short production cycle. Compared with the traditional stamping line, the energy consumption is less than 40%~50%, and its productivity can be increased by about 50%; 4. Small and medium batches In production, hydraulic presses replace mechanical presses; 5. Make full use of the pressure, pressing force, stroke number, and workbench area utilization rate of stamping equipment to improve production efficiency; 6. Reduce downtime caused by machine or stamping die repairs, etc.; Article recommendation: Some metal stamping parts require the limit value of burr height. Previous: How to define the appearance defect of metal stamping sheet parts?
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