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How can stamping parts manufacturers reduce the cost of stamping parts?

How can stamping parts manufacturers reduce the cost of stamping parts?


The competition in the stamping industry is increasing, and labor costs are rising. Many stamping parts manufacturers are facing risks and opportunities. How to effectively reduce the cost of metal stamping parts has become an urgent problem to be solved. So how to reduce the cost of stamping parts reasonably and effectively, let's take a look at some points below.

1. Choose a perfect stamping process

Before the production of metal stamping parts, it is necessary to formulate a good stamping process. Only a reasonable stamping process can ensure that there are fewer failures and less waste in the actual production process, and at the same time, the output of the product can be greatly improved.

2. Good stamping die

Metal stamping parts are directly processed and produced by stamping dies, so the quality of the molds must be guaranteed, especially for mass-produced metal stamping parts, the quality of the molds affects the cost of the stamping parts to a large extent. In addition, it is also necessary to minimize the production process of the product under reasonable circumstances.

3. Using automated production

Nowadays, the cost of metal stamping parts, especially electronic stamping parts with relatively small weight, is often the labor cost. Therefore, it is an imperative trend to implement stamping automation.

4. Try to use continuous mode

The implementation of stamping automation requires the use of continuous stamping dies, but even if manual stamping is used, simple continuous dies should be considered for some products if possible.

5. Rational use of materials

For less demanding products, leftover material can be fully utilized for production. For products with relatively high requirements, materials should be fully utilized when designing and discharging to reduce the proportion of waste.


Each stamping factory has its own set of ideas and plans. After analyzing the specific situation, according to the actual production practice, to find a road suitable for its own company, there will definitely be a better future.

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