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How do you determine the battery shrapnel best vanish mold clearance

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Battery shell in the process of stamping mould, will not run away the appearance of the mould clearance, how to quickly determine the best disappear gap? Precision stamping as a professional research and development and production, and has a superb technology, has accumulated a profound repair mode kung fu. Disappear and see our precision is how to deal with the mould clearance. By examining the punching waste, which can determine the battery shell mold clearance fit. If the clearance is too large and the waste, there will be a rough rolling fracture and the smaller light plane. Gap, the greater the rupture surface and light surface form the greater the Angle, punching will form the edge and fracture, there is even a thin edge swelled. Waste on the other hand, if the clearance is too small, there will be a small Angle fracture and larger shining surface. Batteries shrapnel disappear refers to the punch into the lower die, die clearance on both sides of the gap. It is related to the thickness, material quality and stamping process, choose the appropriate vanish mold clearance, to ensure the quality of good punching, reduce burr and collapse, keep the sheet metal formation, effectively prevent the pick-up, prolonging the life of the disappeared mould. Disappear batteries shrapnel stamping mould with best clearance, waste rupture surface and the surface of the light have the same point of view, and overlap each other, which can minimize the blanking force, piercing the burr is very small. When local grooving, step blunt, shear, as well as stamping, lateral force will make the punch deflection caused by unilateral gap is too small, sometimes scratch edge offset in the lower die, cause rapid wear from mould. That is how we determine the battery shrapnel best vanish mold clearance, do you understand? Please continue to pay attention to the precision, we will regularly upload mold related knowledge. Let love die friends to get more experience.
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