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How does the precision stamping industry develop?


With the rapid development of the automobile industry in the stamping  industry, my country's precision stamping industry has ushered in a period of rapid development opportunities. Stamping parts manufacturers need to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and break through themselves in order to achieve better and faster development

There are many resistances and obstacles to overcome and break through on the way forward. In short, there are the following 5 points.

1. Low degree of mechanization and automation

The degree of mechanization and automation, such as large-scale multi-station punch presses that represent the current national level, are not many in our country.

2. Low production concentration

Many automobile groups are large and complete, forming closed internal supporting facilities, resulting in various types of metal stamping parts in various enterprises, low production concentration, small scale, easy to cause low-level repetitive construction, and it is difficult to meet the specialized division of labor and market competitiveness.

3. The transformation of scientific and technological achievements is slow, and the promotion of advanced technology is slow

In my country, many new precision stamping technologies start not too late, but it is often difficult to form productive forces. First, the application of precision stamping technology is not enough, and the absorption, transformation and promotion are slow. The low investment in technology development costs leads to slow grasp and application of advanced technologies by enterprises, and insufficient development and innovation capabilities. The gap between SMEs in this regard is even greater.

4. Large and fine stamping dies rely on imports

At present, the materials, design and production of precision stamping dies can not meet the needs of domestic automobile development, and the degree of standardization is still low.

5. Lack of professional talents

The high-quality talents in the industry who master advanced design analysis technology and digital technology are far from meeting the needs of the rapid development of the metal stamping industry.

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