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How is the metal product is solid shape?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Solid forming: refers to the use of raw materials is some can be done under the condition of the modelling of metal strip, sheet, as well as other solid form. Belongs to the labor-intensive production. Processing costs can be relatively cheap. Spinning solid forming classification: a very common used in the production of circular symmetrical parts processing methods, such as plates, cups and cones, etc. High speed rotary sheet metal processing, will push in also told rotating, fixed on the lathe model, to achieve predefined modelling. The process is suitable for all kinds of production in the form of batch. Bending: one for processing any form of sheet, rod and tube materials of economical production process. Between continuous copper molding: metal feeding roller, in order to obtain continuous length, cross section consistent metal shapes. Similar to extrusion process, but has limits to the processing components of wall thickness, can only get a single wall thickness. Only in the premise of mass production, manufacturing cost is the most reasonable.
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