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How is the quality of precision metal stamping ?
Quality is a promise made by Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.. It is believed that quality is the only way for precision metal stamping to remain competitive. Quality control is a necessity during the production. Several well experienced employees are ready to test the finished products. Advanced quality test devices are introduced to work together with the QCs so as to 100% and 360° control the quality.

As a domestically competitive producer, Fortuna is expanding its manufacturing scale. The lead frames series is widely praised by customers. In the design stage of Fortunastamping parts china, many factors have been taken into account. These considerations include fire resistance ability, safety hazards, structural comfort & stability, and the content of contaminants and harmful substances. The dimensional accuracy of the product reaches 0.005mm. The print on this product helps display additional information, such as contacts, shots, and slogans. With this, customers can get information about the items being packaged. The product provides maximum rigidity and stiffness.

Fortuna supplies various kinds of stamping parts options which turn the vision of their client in reality. Ask online!
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