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How many cnc lathe parts are produced by Fortuna per year?
There is a steady increase in the annual output of cnc lathe parts at Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.. This reflects our positive growth and development in the market now. Since established, we have been emphasizing the importance of the product and service quality because we firmly believe high-quality input will definitely bring high returns. Some of our customers repeat purchasing products from us and others highly recommend us to their friends. Thanks to our customers sincerely, we have been receiving a larger customer base and gained more confidence in this fierce industry.
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Fortuna is a manufacturer of cnc machined parts. Our expertise and experience enable us to stay one step ahead of the market. Fortuna's main products include lead frames series. Fortunaprecision stamping products is manufactured with advanced technologies. They include composite weaving technology, modern electrostatic nano-composite technology, textile printing and dyeing technology. The product is popular for its high oxidation resistance. It has good hand characteristics which include thickness compressibility, plane compressibility, flexibility self flex, resistance flex, maintenance flex, and reflex. The product has passed the anti-abrasion test.
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As the environment has close relations to our business sustainable development, we have made a long-term plan to reduce our carbon footprint and pollution on the environment.

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