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How many metal stamping products are produced by Fortuna per year?
The metal stamping products has a high output in the Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.. We can expand production according to market demand. We process any order that exceeds the minimum amount. Production will be carried out to ensure on-time delivery as planned.

Fortuna includes a wealth of manufacturing expertise stamping parts. The stamping parts series is widely praised by customers. Fortunaprecision metal stamping parts has gone through checks covering many aspects. They are color consistency, measurements, labeling, instruction manuals, humidity rate, aesthetics, and appearance. The product provides maximum rigidity and stiffness. The product is impervious to the ultra harmonics in the power grid. It is built with a resistor for suppression surge which lowers the harmonics to the minimum limit. The product can be processed with different patterns by laser graving technology.

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