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How many steps are there when designing a stamping mold?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Before the stamping parts processing plant produces stamping parts, it must first design the stamping die. A good stamping die is an important equipment for making metal stamping parts. So what are the steps in the design of the stamping die? Let’s take a look below; 1. First, search for the original materials for mold design, which is an indispensable technical preparation before mold design; 2. Review the product drawings and process cards of stamping parts, and compare the product drawings based on the original data. Review with the process, analyze the stamping processability of product parts, and see whether the formulation of the process and the sketches of each process are reasonable. If you find that the stamping processability is poor or the process plan is unreasonable, you should report to product design The department proposes amendments and makes amendments after approval. Only in this way can the product design, process preparation, mold design, and mold manufacturing be directly replaced to achieve a more complete effect; 3. Perform relevant process calculations based on the stamping process The process content specified in the process card, and the relevant process calculations for each process; 4. Draw the mold assembly drawing and other parts drawings; 5. Check the mold drawing. After the mold drawing design is completed, it must be checked. This is the stamping mold design An indispensable step in the process; 6. Compile a stamping design calculation manual. The design calculation description is an important technical document, especially for the process formulation and mold design of some important work parts; the design calculation should also be written at the end of the design work Instructions for future reference; article recommendation: What are the original materials prepared by stamping parts processing plants during mold design? Previous post: What are the original materials prepared by the stamping parts processing plant during mold design?
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