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How should stamping parts manufacturers deal with small batch orders?

How should stamping parts manufacturers deal with small batch orders?


Among the inquiring customers, there will be some small batch orders. Faced with this type of order, some stamping parts manufacturers may not know how to deal with it. After all, there is no profit if they do it, and it is easy to miss potential customers if they dont. . Today, I will tell you how to deal with such small batch orders, and how stamping parts manufacturers should deal with them.


1. Product complexity


For relatively simple stamping parts, although the batch size is relatively small, because the processing is relatively simple, it can also be done at a lower profit. For example, for some blanking, punching, and bending products, there is no need to worry about the troublesome processing of small quantities.


For some complex products, the price can be set slightly higher, but it must be explained to the customer in advance. Then quote the price to the customer according to the price of different demand quantities, so that the customer will understand, and if the customer has a follow-up large-volume order in the future, he will also contact us.


2. Materials


For materials that are difficult to purchase, customers can also be informed to look for alternative materials.


3. Surface treatment,


For some products that are relatively small in quantity and difficult to handle instant noodles, other solutions can be provided to customers. Some customers require a relatively small number of products, but the surface treatment factory does not provide them. We can inform the customer and try to find an alternative surface treatment solution.


In short, for small batches of metal stamping parts orders, everything should be kept simple and communicate with customers more. Any big customer starts from a small customer.

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