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How to achieve the ideal effect of stamping parts processing equipment

by:Fortuna     2020-04-02
Now stamping parts products, mainly by the pressure of the press stamping and metal or nonmetal sheet stamping forming, the internal structure of the metal is improved, and the strength of the extrusion parts, stamping parts with high dimensional accuracy, uniform size and good replacement of the same module, satisfy the general requirements of assembly and use, no additional processing, in stamping process, due to the material's surface without damage. So it has good surface quality and smooth and beautiful appearance, this is good for surface coating on the phosphate coating and other surface treatment, to standardize and develop, templates, template and guide the mould simple, multi-station progressive die, and the rapid development of the mould changes that can reduce production preparation drilling workload and make stamping parts processing more efficient. Preparation to shorten the preparation time, can be applied to reduce the production time shortened and allow for mass production of advanced technology on the appropriate printing is suitable for small batch and many varieties of work production, in addition to forming plate hydraulic press, the embossing equipment often use mechanical press, transportation and other machinery and mould library and equipment mould rapid change and control the use of the software can achieve higher productivity in the automatic production line printing. Stamping equipment in use, under the condition of every minute to generate dozens of parts, and finished in a short time, in the process of production and processing, stamping parts of the production safety, therefore, is a very important problem, usually in the process of stamping, temperature rising rapidly in the stamping process, especially during the cold forging, lubrication products must lubrication, if you do not use lubrication, sealing parts and welding parts and no oil on the surface of parts is easy to welding and assembling, research and practice show that the inert gas protection welding, gas shielded welding and resistance welding tungsten has very good use effect, so as to achieve the ideal effect of actual use.
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