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How to arrange the blanking sequence of the progressive die of the metal stamping part die

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
How is the blanking sequence of the progressive die of the metal stamping die arranged? In the processing of metal stamping parts, first punch or punch the gap, and finally blank or cut, to separate the punched part from the strip, the first punched hole can be used as the positioning hole for the subsequent process; when the positioning requirement is high, it can be punched Cutting process holes for positioning; when using fixed-pitch side edges, the trimming process of the fixed-pitch side edge is performed at the same time as the first punching, so as to control the feeding distance; when two fixed-pitch side edges are used, they can be arranged in one front It can also be arranged side by side; multi-process blanking parts are arranged in the order when single-process blanking is used; 1. First blanking to separate the blanks, and then punching or notches, the positioning benchmarks of subsequent processes should be consistent to avoid positioning errors Conversion with the dimension chain; 2. When punching holes of different sizes and close distances, in order to reduce the deformation of the holes, punch the large holes first and then the small holes; after the process plan is determined, necessary process calculations and selection equipment are required. Provide the necessary basis for the design of the metal stamping die; recommended article; the benchmark of the size of the stamping part in the processing of stamping parts
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