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How to arrange the processing sequence of metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
With the development of society, stamping products have developed into all walks of life. Metal stamping parts are arranged in a certain order in the production and processing. Let’s take a look at what order they have; the order of metal stamping parts processing is also stamping. The sequence of the various processes in the processing of the parts is to make the metal stamping products meet certain shape and size requirements. The processing sequence is very important; when processing the metal stamping parts with holes and gaps, if you choose a single-process mold, you must first For punching or notch after the material, if you choose a progressive die, you must arrange the blanking to the end; in the metal stamping parts, it is required to punch two holes of different sizes, and the two holes are very close, we must first Punch large holes and then small holes to avoid the deformation of small holes when large holes are punched; punch holes on curved parts, generally punch first and then bend, when the position of the hole is close to the deformation zone, it is necessary Bending first and then punching; for deep drawn parts with holes, it is generally stretched first and then punched. When the position of the hole is at the bottom of the metal stamping part and the dimensional accuracy is not high, you can punch the hole first. Stretching, which helps stretch deformation. For complex rotating body stretching parts, generally the large-size shape must be stretched first, and then the small-size inner shape must be stretched. For complex non-rotating body stretched parts, the small-size inner shape must be stretched first. Extend the shape of the large size; other processes are basically arranged after the metal stamping parts are formed, such as shaping, leveling, trimming, etc.; article recommendation: What are the processes of sheet metal blanking in the stamping part processing? Previous post: How to calculate the cost of metal stamping parts?
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