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How to check and maintain the stamping die after use, and what are the steps?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Stamping parts are mainly processed by stamping dies. Stamping parts must be inspected and maintained after use. Let’s take a look at the specific steps. 1. After stamping parts are used, the mold must be correctly installed according to the operating procedures. Unloading from the press must not dismantle or unload randomly to avoid damage to the mold; 2. After disassembly, the mold should be wiped clean and oiled to prevent rust; 3. Inspection and maintenance of the stamping part mold after use, mainly including :Clean the mounting surface of the upper and lower mounting templates, wipe the mold cavity surface, remove waste, apply oil to the guide slide and working surface, check whether the mold cavity surface is damaged, whether the guide pin and guide sleeve is loose, check the pressing material, and return the material Whether the mechanism and cutting edge are intact, check whether the positioning of the stamping parts is accurate and reliable, check whether the visible fasteners are loose, tighten the loose parts, check whether there are cracks in the visible parts, etc.; 4. After all inspections are completed, the production manager After confirmation and permission, the stamping part mold can be placed in the mold frame; article recommendation: What are the common factors that affect the galvanizing of metal stamping parts? Previous post: Principles and characteristics of four-column presses for stamping parts processing equipment
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