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How to choose a press for processing stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
With the development of society, stamping products have developed into various fields, metal stamping parts processing, various types of stamping products, how to choose a press? Let's take a look? 1. Small and medium-sized blanking parts, bending parts, drawing parts, forming parts and other stamping parts with low precision requirements are generally selected as 'open single-column press'; second, medium-sized drawing parts are generally selected as 'double' Dynamic press'; 3. For large and medium-sized stamping parts with high precision requirements, most use 'closed press' or 'multi-point press'; 4. For the production of large batches of stamping parts, generally use 'high-speed presses' 'Or'multi-station press'; 5. The extrusion process should use a special 'cold extrusion machine'; 6. The precision stamping process should use a special 'precision stamping press'; 7. Leveling, shaping, and correction For stamping processes such as bending and bending, the rigidity 'double-column or four-column press8. For the processing of porous stamping parts, use CNC punching die rotary head press; 9. For the mold that requires the punch not to be separated from the elastic discharge plate during the stamping process, a press with adjustable stroke should be selected; the article recommends : What are the requirements for drawing the part drawing of the stamping die? Previous post: How many steps are there in the manufacture of stamping parts cover molds?
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