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How to choose high-quality precision metal stamping manufacturers?

How to choose high-quality precision metal stamping manufacturers?


Common precision shrapnel is an important metal fitting for electronic components, which usually functions as conduction, switching, clamping, and resonance. A good shrapnel can reach 100,000 times of service life and more than 10,000 times of insertion resistance, which greatly improves the quality of the product and reduces the unnecessary cost in the production process. Looking at the production of precision shrapnel in the domestic market, how can we choose a high-quality precision shrapnel stamping manufacturer in a short time?

First, look at the team

The quality stamping factory team consists of:

Twenty years of experience in the industry, mold design engineers N + technology continuous innovation breakthrough + technical team echelon training. 

Second, look at the equipment

Ordinary stamping plant equipment consists of domestic punching machines, domestic mold processing equipment and testing equipment.

High-quality stamping plant equipment imported from abroad punching equipment (such as: Japan) + foreign imported mold processing equipment  + foreign import testing equipment.

Third, look at the origin of raw materials

No matter for tooling-making or mass production, choose the material from big-sized raw material suppliers or subcontractors. Material is one of the key reasons to keep production stable and effective.

At DG Fortuna, we possess above three key factors. Therefore, we have been cooperating with many global well-known customers.

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