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How to choose material for metal stamping parts reasonably?


The properties of stamping materials are closely related to stamping production. Stamping plants need to pay enough attention to the selection of materials to ensure product quality and meet customer needs. So how can the stamping parts processing factory choose more reasonable materials? Generally, the use requirements, stamping process requirements and economy of metal stamping parts will be considered. The following editor will introduce to you.

1. Reasonable selection of materials according to the use requirements of metal stamping parts

The selected material should enable the stamping to work properly in the machine or component and have a certain service life. To this end, the selected materials should meet the requirements of the corresponding strength, stiffness, toughness, corrosion resistance and heat resistance according to the use conditions of the stamping parts.

2. Reasonable selection of materials according to stamping process requirements

For any kind of metal stamping parts, the selected material should be able to stably form qualified products without cracking or wrinkling according to the requirements of its stamping process, which is a relatively basic and very important material selection requirement. To this end, the following methods can be used to select materials reasonably.

(1) Try punching. According to the previous production experience and possible conditions, select several sheets that can basically meet the requirements of stamping parts for test punching, and then select the one that has no cracks or wrinkles and has a low rejection rate. The results of this method are more intuitive, but with greater blindness.

(2) Analysis and comparison. On the basis of analyzing the properties of stamping deformation, the maximum deformation degree during stamping forming is compared with the limit deformation degree allowed by the sheet metal stamping forming performance, and based on this, the sheet metal suitable for the stamping process requirements of this kind of parts is selected. 

In addition, there are cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheets of the same grade or thickness. Compared with hot-rolled sheet, cold-rolled sheet has accurate dimensions, small deviation, few surface defects, bright, dense internal structure and better stamping performance.

3. Reasonable selection of materials according to economic requirements

The selected materials should be as low in price, convenient in source and economical as possible under the premise of meeting the performance and stamping process requirements, so as to reduce the cost of stamping parts.

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