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How to choose raw material of plug shrapnel?


Anyone who knows a little about the switch plug knows that the quality of a plug is good or bad, and the material is the most important, especially the shrapnel material that is directly related to the performance of the plug. Nowadays, many famous brands of plugs use phosphor bronze shrapnel and claim to be superior to pure copper. Is this the case? Which is good for pure copper shrapnel and phosphor bronze shrapnel?

First, the performance requirements of the plug shrapnel
The plug shrapnel mainly plays the role of electric conduction, which requires the shrapnel to have excellent electrical conductivity first. The second is to have good elasticity and flexibility. The strength of the elastic piece and the plug is not small, and the plug can be clamped. It can be easily pulled out, and the resilience of the shrapnel is better. After repeated insertion and removal, the elasticity and rebound resilience should be within the control range. The national standard can be repeatedly inserted and removed 40,000 times. At the same time, the shrapnel will not rust, anti-oxidation and anti-arcing, otherwise it will lead to a decrease in electrical conductivity.

Second, the performance of pure copper shrapnel and phosphor bronze shrapnel
Before the advent of composite materials, pure copper is indeed the best conductive material, and the performance of copper materials is also high. The purity of copper, the purer copper, the better the conductivity. Brass is better, copper is better than brass, but copper has its inherent defects, one is softer, the second is low toughness, the resilience is not particularly good, and the other is easy to oxidize and rust. Of course, this is compared with the more popular phosphor bronze. The performance of phosphorus bronze is better than that of pure copper. Especially, the oxidation resistance is significantly improved, and the hardness and toughness are obviously improved. The shrapnel made of phosphor bronze can easily reach more than 50,000 times, and some performances can even double or last a lifetime.

In short, the plug shrapnel is an important element directly related to the performance of the plug. We can't ignore the inspection when purchasing. In addition to paying attention to the shrapnel material, we also need to check the thickness of the shrapnel, workmanship, riveting, or integral molding. These are also related. Performance and life to the socket.

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